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Mark Barra - President

Mark Barra is a seasoned senior executive who is bottom-line focused and a big picture visionary. He has led numerous companies from around the globe through change, revitalization, turnaround and growth. His approach is to devise non-traditional solutions that transfer stagnant or declining businesses or loan portfolios into profitable operations.

With more than 25 years of experience, Mark has become an expert in international and domestic banking with emphasis on working with troubled portfolios and operating companies worldwide. Over the course of his career, Mark has served as Chief Executive Officer of several operating companies around the world. He has also served as Executive Vice President, Head of Divisional and International Lending Groups for commercial, real estate, asset based lending and various middle market lending divisions as well as Divisional Managing Director of a Fortune 100 multi-national lending institution. He has also been a senior member of a variety of International and Domestic bank committees including Board Loan Committees, Strategic Planning, and Marketing and Executive Management committees.

When named temporary CEO of a Scandinavian fast ferry operator, Mark took a multi-vessel operation which was about to enter insolvency/bankruptcy proceedings, and restructured operations saving the company in excess of $1 million dollars (equivalent) annually.

As temporary CEO of a Brazilian ferry operator in Manaus (Amazon), Brazil, Mark took over a ferry operator and marine supply (Domestic) operation. The ferry operation suffered from alleged corruption by local authorities, employee theft and poor vessel maintenance. Upon becoming CEO, he returned the company to profitability, increased free cash flow by over $2.5mm annually and eliminated all theft and corruption. These actions made the company salable thus returning the bank lenders and other equity holders' investments.

Mark developed a program to reduce a $2.5 billion troubled debt portfolio in Thailand, South Korea and Indonesia. While the bank management estimated and budgeted losses of over 30 percent, actual losses were less than two percent due to his negotiating and operational abilities as well as creative, non-traditional strategies utilized. Bank cash flow improved by more than $130 million annually. Standard & Poor's and Moody's ratings improved due to these resolutions.

Mark has created multiple loan workout groups for different lending institutions based on four continents. His strategy included defining the vision, developing the policies and procedures for the loan workout function, and providing the professional staffing housed on multiple continents.

Mark has been engaged by professionals in various fields of business as a key strategist in international and domestic turnaround situations. He has managed more than six billion dollars in troubled loan portfolios in more than 30 countries, to maximize both the return of equity for the lending institution as well as the salvation of many lending institution clients for future business.

In addition, he is a frequent guest speaker for general industry and specific groups worldwide, including Interferry and banking related consortiums. He has also lectured at various international forums including the South African Business Counsel in Johannesburg, China Business Forum in Beijing and the Hong Kong Business Review and has been published in numerous trade magazines in both Banking and Marine Management. Mr. Barra has a Masters of Business Administration in Global Management and a BS in Finance from the University of Connecticut.

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