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Depending on the organization and the search consultant, an executive search can take from six to 12 months to complete, and even longer for specialized industries such as Marine or Aviation, which is a significant length of time for the organization to be without executive leadership. Engaging a professional interim executive from to be without executive leadership. Engaging a professional interim executive from Global Financial Transitional Management Services gives the board of directors the time to conduct its search process in a more moderate mode, and the peace of mind knowing that the organization will be well managed during the transition period. The goal of our work is to get the organization financially stable and ready for the permanent executive to take over long term. We are NOT a recruiting firm. We provide world-class "Interim executive management individuals or teams.

  • What are you going to do when your executive calls to say that she is leaving for another job or retiring?

  • Who will manage the organization when the executive leaves?

  • Can you afford not to have the organization well run in the interim?

  • What do you do if your organization is not ready to recruit and hire a new executive immediately?

  • How much more difficult would this be if the company was in a troubled situation or its Banks and Lending sources were demanding a change in management?

Global Financial Transitional Management Services specializes in working with companies large and small, when their executives, whether they be CEOs, COOs, or CFOs, depart for any reason. Executive departures are seldom easy particularly when the change is dictated by negative financial results, and the resulting transitions are critical events in the lifecycles of an organization. It is important not to underestimate the challenge that this change is likely to create for the staff, board members, clients and your lenders. While an executive's departure is a challenge, it is also an opportunity for the organization to obtain a new vision:
  • Where the organization is at present
  • Where it wants to transition to in the future
  • What skills, attributes and experience the next executive will need to the help the organization reach its goals

Replacing an executive is expensive and time consuming, and the downside risk of finding the wrong person is significant. Too often, organizations are not ready to undertake a search immediately because:
  • The board or ownership, is not clear about what it wants or needs in a new executive
  • The organizations banks are demanding change in leadership to continue their support of the company due to financial losses or loan defaults
  • Issues regarding the outgoing executive's departure need to be investigated
  • The organization had a long-term "founder" executive
  • The outgoing executive gave short or no notice of departure

Our professional interim executives provide both management excellence and skill in planning and implementing organizational change often required by banks during troubled times. As professional interim executives with decades of international experience, we bring to the organization "fresh eyes and best practices used around the globe.
Global Financial Consulting Transitional Management Services will contractually exclude our placements from being considered for a permanent executive position, which allows for greater objectivity to the assignment. We are totally focused on transitioning your organization back to financial health and then turning it over to a permanent executive.

Global Financial Transitional Management Services has the depth and experience needed to successfully meet your organizational needs for CEO, COO, or CFO services. Our professional interim executives are ready to serve in executive-level positions throughout the United States and across the Globe. We have managed companies in the United States, Scandinavia, South America, all throughout Asia and French Polynesia. On average, our executives have 25 years of experience and, thus, bring a wealth of international executive experience to their engagements.

Our advantage in this arena is that we have executives who have managed multi-million dollar companies throughout the world and have been able to price our services to allow for smaller companies to access our services. Typically for example, a temporary CEO with the experience we bring in Marine for example, would earn the consulting firm $200,000 to $500,000 a year (or more) annualized for temporary CEO services. Small and medium sized companies simply cannot afford this especially when they are in troubled financial condition. By keeping our overhead low, we can place an executive who would normally earn $250,000-500,000/year in a large company as temp CEO, for about $100,000/annually. The large consulting firms with their huge corporate overhead would never touch an assignment for that figure. And in the marine business, there are few marine executives such as those offered by GFC in the marketplace, who have the experience to run a marine company and those executives that do exist are already employed.

So whether you are an operating company that needs fresh executive and turnaround management, or a financial institution who is strongly recommending new management to a troubled client, call us today to discuss how we might help you fill the interim executive needs you have to bring financial stability to your organization.

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